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About our Print Management Program and how we can fix your costs and reduce what you are currently spending on your printers, HP, Lexmark, Dell, etc by 18 to 40 percent!
How I get a customized Print Management Strategy to meet my individual companies needs, and gain control of how much were spending on print related devices, with no upfront out of pocket expense? Titus Imaging will work with your company to create one!


At Titus Imaging we believe the less you see us the better, at least from a service perspective. So we designed a service program around that concept, if one of our Field Service Technicians is called to your office they will perform a TCP, meaning they will not only do what they were called out originally to do but make sure that any preventive maintance that can be done at that time is also taken care of. That way we don’t have to come back in two weeks to what should have been done already, minimizing the calls on any given machine and maximizing uptime.


Other companies choose Ricoh / Savin and Titus Imaging because of the benefits of an industry giant, driven by the flexibility and responsiveness of a locally owned company! Programs we designed to help our customers to get more from their imaging budget. More product choices from recognized leading manufacturers in the office imaging industry.

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